Clients come first...

We firmly believe that client needs are best served by an independent Financial Advisor. Our unique structure allows CONCERT Financial Advisors access to the best analytical tools and investment solutions available in the industry. By leveraging our scale and industry relationships, our Financial Advisors can offer clients unparalleled advice and the best solutions to act on that advice.


Products & Solutions

1. What vendors can I use when working with CONCERT?

When partnering with CONCERT, Advisors are able to leverage vendor relationships. In addition, while Advisors have complete freedom in doing business with their preferred vendors, they are also able to take advantage of CONCERT's corporate discounts with a number of national vendors.



1. What are the Omniscient CRM capabilities?

Our software is built to be easily used, learned and accessed by anybody, anywhere and at anytime. It collaboratively shares data and processes, maintaining independence. Omniscient helps increase sales and profits for client-driven Investment Companies, Independent Advisors and Individual Investors.



1. Will you provide training so I can understand the process between me, my clients, CONCERT and the custodians?

Yes, during the transition process we provide trainig and resources so you can understand and explain the structure of your new business.


Legal & Compliance

How does the registration process works?

CONCERT Compliance does all the work for the registering Advisor with the SEC and FINRA.  The Advisor will be asked to complete a Manual Form U4 to document their input to the registration process.


1. Do you have an strategic plan for my transition?

Yes, we will provide you with a plan and road map that includes timeline, task lists and financial forecasts. We schedule a weekly transition call to follow up with the essential steps of your transition.


Technology Consulting

1. How does the IT Department help me during my transition?

- Buy and ship the computers for you and your staff.
- Buy and ship the printers and scanners for you and your staff.
- Buy and set up the required software and logins and CONCERT credentials for your workstations.
- Buy and ship the phones for you and your staff.

Capital Management

1 . What services are provided by Capital Management?

Our funds are actively managed by CONCERT Capital Management, which provides investment solutions for clients who are seeking to invest in allocated and diversified funds. Each model is recommended based on your client's risk tolerance, investment time horizon, and investment experience.



1. Can I use the CONCERT brand?

Yes, Advisors can use the CONCERT brand in their Marketing so they can leverage the advantages from a well-known firm. Branding with the CONCERT brand comes with some important benefits:



1. How do I find out what are my start-up expenses?

Prior to partnering with CONCERT, we will create a P&L model so that Advisors may determine the resources that will be needed in order to transition to their new business model.


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